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Learning Fastify – How to migrate your app from Express to Fastify

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Express Node.js

How does middleware work in Express?

5 min read Jump links The middleware pattern Middleware syntax The two types of middleware Plain middleware Error handling middleware Using middleware At the route level At the router level At the application level Wrapping up

Fastify Node.js

How to migrate your app from Express to Fastify

12 min read Jump links What are the benefits of migrating from Express to Fastify? How to Migrate an API with Confidence Transitioning from Express to Fastify with fastify-express Our Example Express Application Required dependencies The router module The app module The server module Running our application Migrating Our Application from Express to Fastify Required dependencies Refactoring our […]


Notes from CityJS Conference 2021

17 min read Jump links Talk: Deno and TypeScript: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Talk: Supercharge your JavaScript with WebAssembly Talk: New and experimental features in Node.js core Talk: 10 secrets to improve Node.js Security Talk: The Third Age of JavaScript Talk: Next-gen Frontend tooling Talk: Authentication, authorisation and security for modern client-side applications Talk: A […]

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Tips for migrating from Express to Fastify

2 min read Server creation and configuration is quite similar Fastify plugins are configured a little differently to Express middleware Express routes won’t show up when you call fastify.printRoutes() Fastify automatically serializes objects and arrays to JSON when you send them