Service: 1 hour Node.js Consultation

Are you struggling with the best way to structure Node.js applications? Are CI builds and deployments failing and stopping your team shipping features to your customers? Are you only finding out about production issues after they’ve caused you to lose money?

Some examples of things we could talk about:

  • Node.js application design and architecture
  • Build and deployment strategies
  • Observability and monitoring

In our 60 minute video call we’ll discuss your specific problem and the steps you can take to tackle it. You’ll leave with actionable insights and resources to help you get things back on track right away.

I’ll send you a recording of the call within 48 hours so you can refer back to our discussion any time you need.

100% money back guarantee – if you didn’t get the value you expected from our consultation call, I will happily refund the full amount that you paid.