Service: Unblock your path to Node.js in production

Are you spending more time fighting tools and services than developing and shipping your Node.js applications? Slow builds, flakey tests, dependency management headaches, unstable development environments — the list of things which can go wrong feels endless. And they always seem to go wrong at the worst times.

Your development team has become demoralised, your Product Manager is super frustrated. Some folks are asking difficult questions about that feature which was supposed to have been released 3 weeks ago.

Being blocked by tools and processes feels awful.

It’s easy for the little issues to become big problems. I’ve been there, I know how rough it can get. I’ve seen how terrible things become when a development team keeps hitting roadblocks. It feels like you just can’t catch a break.

You development team has a roadmap full of business critical product features to deliver. Wouldn’t it be great if you were able to focus on that? It’s exhausting spending so much time fighting weird issues when you’re just trying to get stuff done.

It’s time to make your path from development to production more predictable.

I can help diagnose and fix the problems which are blocking your team. Let’s get your development team back on track with shipping product features. I know I can help because:

  • I’ve helped teams move from painful and unpredictable 1 to 3 day releases, to confidently releasing 1 to 3 times per day.
  • I’ve created tooling and processes which enable six development teams to deploy over 50 times / day.
  • I know where to look when things go wrong in CI / CD pipelines, and how to help developers get back to working on the things which matter (hint: it’s not digging around in build logs to figure out why everything is failing).

Simon has proven to be an invaluable partner to several teams across the business. He has consistently delivered high quality results for us. I fully trust in his ability to deeply understand any problem and guide the team to a robust solution.

— Sam Parkinson (Principal Engineer, Financial Times)

Let’s talk

To get things started, email me with the problems you’d like me to help you with. We can then figure out if we’re a good fit and the best way for us to work together.