Building My Indie Business

Week Notes #2

2 min read

What went well this past week?

  • I posted this tweet at the end of last week. It prompted some interesting discussion and a lot of folks seemed to dig it, so that was cool. There’s a good chance I’ll start to put together more of this sort of thing. Be nice, Write JavaScript for Humans, yeah? 😉
Screenshot off tweet with a JavaScript tip.
  • I published another new blog post and sent out newsletter #6 – it feels good to be getting into a rhythm. I syndicate most of my blog posts to DEV, so it was nice to get some reactions and saves there, as well as some upvotes on Reddit and likes on Twitter. Without direct feedback from visitors to my site or mailing list subscribers, it can be hard to tell if folks are getting value from what I’m putting out.

  • My scheduling worked out much better this week. I’ve changed to creating daily schedules based on the assumption of ~3.5hrs of productive time in the mornings.

  • After not spending any time studying the 30×500 course last week, I got back on track this week. I’m really enjoying working through the exercise and making new connections in the research notes that I’ve collected over the past few months.

What didn’t go so well this past week?

  • I didn’t spend as much time as I wanted to directly helping people.
  • I didn’t spend any time on Safari (the 30×500 term for ethnographic research).


  • Ensure that I schedule in time to go on Safari.

Goals for the week

  • Create and publish an ebomb (blog post) ✅
  • Create and send a newsletter to my subscribers ✅
  • Post 5 useful tweets ❌ (4)
  • Directly help 8 people ❌ (4)
  • Exercise 4 times for 30 minutes ✅
  • Metric: Sign up 10 new subscribers ❌ (3)