What’s new in Node.js core?

It can be so easy to miss when new features are added to Node.js core. Features are commonly back ported to another release line e.g. a feature is included in a 16.x release, and then also added to a 14.x release at some point in the future. It’s great that all of these new features are being made available, but keeping track of them can be tricky.

To try and make it a little easier to stay up-to-date with what’s available, I’m publishing a series of blog posts every six months as a round up of notable new features in Node.js core.

I’m aware that "notable" is very subjective, so please drop me an email if you have a suggestion for a feature you think should be included.

March 2022 edition


  • Deep clone values with structuredClone()
  • Automatically cancel async operations with AbortSignal.timeout()
  • The Fetch API in Node.js
  • Import JSON in ES modules
  • Provide context with abortSignal.reason
  • Avoid boilerplate code when handling abort signals
  • readline/promises API

September 2021 edition


  • Generate v4 UUIDs without needing the uuid library
  • Cancel async operations with AbortController
  • Make your imports clearer with the node: protocol
  • Take advantage of promise-based APIs in Node.js