Building My Indie Business

Week Notes #4

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What went well this past week?

  • I shipped a couple of new blog posts and a newsletter. It felt good to get back into the groove after my self-imposed publishing moratorium during the US election week 😌

  • I’ve finally completed the 30×500 course materials! 🎉 I first purchased and started this course in mid-2016 and didn’t get very far. After finally restarting it in May this year I’m super happy to have seen it through – this blog wouldn’t exist without it! The super exciting next step will be creating my first tiny product. Massive props to Amy and Alex for creating the 30×500 course, and for the amazingly supportive community that they’ve built around it.

What didn’t go so well this past week?

  • I have been flailing a lot with planning recently – it’s been really hard to know what to prioritise and focus on. On a positive note, I’m currently re-reading Just Fucking Ship by Amy Hoy – it’s packed with awesome advice on how to plan projects and see them through. Very timely.

  • A combination of bad sleep, a bad knee and bad weather resulted in me not getting a lot of exercise in over the past week. The knee seems to have stopped complaining now, so 🤞 this week will be more exercise-y.

Goals for the week

  • Post 3 useful tweets ✅
  • Directly help 4 people (2)
  • Study 30×500 course for 2 hours ✅
  • Exercise 4 times for 30 minutes (2)
  • Metric: Sign up 5 new subscribers (3)