Building My Indie Business

Week Notes #5

1 min read

What went well this past week?

  • I received an email from one of my subscribers thanking me for the newsletter which I send out weekly-ish. They said a bunch of very kind things that made me grin from ear to ear and it absolutely made my Friday. Metrics such as open rates, click throughs etc. only count for so much – hearing words from a real human about how the things I write have helped them makes it all worthwhile 🌟
  • I tweeted a couple of things this past week about JSON Schema which prompted some really interesting discussions.
  • Continuing my JSON Schema kick, I published a new article: How can you handle request validation in your Express based API? – it’s had some nice feedback. I’m planning to create a companion JSON Schema cheat sheet.
  • I announced that I’m building and launching my first tiny product over the next 2 weeks. It felt great to finally commit, and it was lovely to receive so much encouragement from folks on Twitter. I also have over 30 new followers who are coming along for the ride as I do the “build in public” thing 👨‍💻 (Hint: this product might just involve JSON Schema…)

What didn’t go so well this past week?

  • Scheduling / time boxing – I am consistently terrible at this. I have a habit of time boxing something I do regularly e.g. writing my newsletter, and then consistently blowing through that time, but never extending the amount of time which I allow for it. I’m sure there’s a handful of cognitive biases at play here, but I need to be more realistic, because it risks being self-sabotaging.

Goals for the week

  • Post 3 useful tweets ✅
  • Directly help 4 people (3)
  • Exercise 4 times for 30 minutes (3)
  • Metric: Sign up 5 new subscribers (6)