Building My Indie Business

Week Notes #3

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What went well this past week?

  • With a LOT going on in the world, I intentionally took a break from publishing blog posts and my newsletter this past week. It was a really good way of reducing pressure on myself in what, as I expected, turned out to be a pretty stressful week.

  • I finally started backwards planning things for offering consulting services. It’s something I’ve procrastinated over getting started with in the past couple of weeks. This was mostly because it felt so daunting, but I’ve managed to get over that and start planning things out. I now have a clear path forwards. Watch this space 👀

  • I made good progress with the 30×500 course and I’ve almost completed all the lessons.

  • I didn’t hit my goal of exercising 4 times, but I did go for 3 thirty minute runs – I can’t remember the last time that happened! Over the past few years I’ve learnt how important regular exercise is for my mental health, so it feels really good to be getting back into some kind of rhythm.

What didn’t go so well this past week?

  • Perhaps I’m just overwhelmed with relief at how the US election turned out, but I really can’t think of anything that didn’t go well in this past week 😅

Goals for the week

  • Post 5 useful tweets ✅
  • Directly help 8 people (2)
  • Study 30×500 course for 4 hours ✅
  • Exercise 4 times for 30 minutes (3)
  • Metric: Sign up 10 new subscribers (8)